Anne walker, heist jewellery,



From Edinburgh, by way of Aberdeen to Glasgow, I am a Jeweller with a history. I chose the name heist as it represents the skills I have stolen from my previous career as an Architect. 

My enjoyment, satisfaction and experiences over the last twenty years or more in this field inform my teaching practice, with a view to promoting an autonomy not only in students' learning and knowledge, yet also my own. Currently I freelance teach design on a private one to one basis and with Precious Metals Workshop in Edinburgh and Vanilla Ink in Glasgow. In addition, I volunteer at Glasgow Kelvin College,(where I gained my B.Des in Jewellery Design with Technology) assisting with teaching in CAD and 3D printing technology. 

I have a Postgraduate Diploma in Tertiary Education with Teaching Qualification, graduating with a Distinction from the University of Stirling. My intention is to promote careers in craft, design and technology to a new generation; one that will see many new innovations in their future, that will complement traditional methods in craft and design.

I love to draw, to sketch and develop my ideas both in CAD and at the bench. I am rarely found without sketchbook, pen and pencil! I enjoy the satisfaction derived through the creation of a finished piece from an initial concept spark.  particularly if stone-setting is involved.

I hope you find my jewellery interesting, edgy and covetable.